Department Resources



Haz-Mat Response Trailer

This trailer is a 24' trailer that carries the haz-mat response equipment, level A & B suits, atmospheric monitoring equipment, and A,B,& C kits for different cylinders.





Spill Response Trailer

This trailer is a 16’ trailer that is used for spill response for the county, it is equipped we floor dry, booms, pads and a bunch of hand tools to clean up hazardous material on the ground.





UTV & Transport Trailer

This trailer is an 18’ trailer that carries the County’s Polaris UTV that could assist with many incidents in the wilderness from Brush Fires to Large area land searches.





Communications Trailer

This trailer is an 18’ Communication trailer that could be used on long incidents or events.   Equipment in the trailer consists of Mobile Radios, large dry erase board, a work station for 4 people, and a small generate to provide portable power.





Generator Trailer

This trailer basically is a Generator that can produce 125KW and can be used to supply power to any critical infrastructure with in the county.





Squad 49-1

The squad is a 2008 F-350 and is used for Haz-Mat response it carries floor dry, pads, booms, and some small hand tool to get started until the trailers arrive on the scene.





Squad 49-2

2013 F-350 is used as a transport vehicle to tow the trailers and other resources to the scenes of incidents.





Command Vehicles

We also have two 2006 Ford Expedition that are used on scenes to patch radio channels together to assist emergency responder communicated on the scene.



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