Emergency Preparedness

Disasters are very common in Central Pennsylvania.  There are many things that you should be prepared for.  Sometimes there is only a short period of time to reach safety when you are notified of a potential disaster.  Natural disasters can happen at any time and require planning and knowledge on your part to help keep your family and yourself out of harms way.  Here are some disaster preparedness tips that may help you.  

Stay Prepared with an
Emergency Preparedness Checklist

What to have in your
Emergency Supply Kit

Types of Disasters
The Following information is provided solely by FEMA via the READY.GOV website

Natural Disasters


 drought parched earth.



 A house cracked and broken from earthquake damage



 View of a dead tree and fence row in a summer sunset.

Extreme Heat


 Flood waters rising in a neighborhood of houses



 Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico seen from space.



 Aerial view of a land slide down a mountain with earth covering

Landslides & Debris Flow


 A weeping willow and swampy region in a blustery storm.

Severe Weather


 solar flare in space

Solar Weather


 Lightning storm at night

Thunderstorms & Lighting


 A tornado funnel cloud



 Helicopter spreading water over a forest fire.



 A neighborhood street covered 3 foot deep in snow

Winter Storms & Extreme Cold

Technical & Accidental Hazards

 blackouts - flashlight viewed in the dark



 Red Hazardous Materials Symbol

Hazardous Materials Incidents


 Chemicals are found everywhere and they can be harmful if used unsafely or released improperly.

Household Chemical Emergencies


 Nuclear Power Plant Image

Nuclear Power Plants

 Terrorist Hazards

 Biological Threats - Gloved hand with culture in a Petri dish.

Biological Threats


 Chemical Threat - Close up view of chemistry lab equipment

Chemical Threats


 Cyber Attack - Hands writing notes from a laptop computer screen.

Cyber Attack


 Explosions - Destroyed building by explosion



 Nuclear blast mushroom cloud seen from a high atmosphere vantage point.

Nuclear Blast


 Radiological Dispersion Device - Caution Radiation Hazard symbol

Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD)


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