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 Mission Statement:

The Northumberland County Department of Public Safety is dedicated to the development, establishment and maintenance of programs and procedures which will provide for the protection of lives and property of Northumberland County residents from the effects of natural or man-made disasters. Natural or man-made disasters to which the county is subject and for which the office must train and properly respond include floods, major fires, storms, radiological or hazardous material incidents, mass casualty incidents and any emergency related function that supports the first responders of this county.

It is also our continuing goal to utilize effective planning, training and coordination to develop the mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery capabilities of the County’s cities, villages, boroughs and townships for emergencies resulting from all hazards.


Emergency Management Departmental Purpose:

The office develops and promulgates emergency management plans. We direct the emergency management activities throughout the county during a state of emergency. We also administer the implementation and administration of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) program.

Emergency Management is the four-phase protection process of coordinating resources to deal with emergencies effectively, thereby saving lives and minimizing economic loss. Emergency Management is involved in an all-hazards approach to assist in community preparedness. The four components are mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Emergency Management is a coordinated response to an unusual emergency situation; a response that calls for maximum use of community resources, with far greater need for coordination between response agencies than usually exists.

The Emergency Management Department is a County office that is mandated by the State of Pennsylvania. It is supported by County funds that are partially reimbursed by federal and state grants. The office receives functional guidance from the State Director of the Pennsylvania  Emergency Management Agency, however it operates daily under the direction and control of the County Emergency Management Director and the command staff.

Emergency Management is a vital link in a network of services, which makes it possible for natural disasters and large-scale emergencies to be mitigated and dealt with effectively. The job of this department is to assist in all natural and man-made disasters situations when a municipality or the county has exhausted it’s immediately available local and mutual aid resources, and when there is potential for immediate or long range danger to life or property. Terrorism planning has also been added to this office in response to the events of September 11, 2001.

Northumberland County Department of Public Safety/Emergency Management stands vigilant and at the ready twenty four hours a day.



Northumberland County 911 was established in the early 1990's and went online September 7, 1995.

The Department of Public Safety holds it's headquarters in Sunbury Pennsylvania, Northumberland County, which is located in the central-eastern section of the state. The department serves a population of over 70,000; that includes 17 townships, 7 boroughs, and 2 cities.

Before the opening of the 911 center, three former communication centers ( Shamokin, Coal Township and Sunbury) provided services throughout the County of Northumberland. These communication centers are now closed. In 1996 the combination of the 911 center and the Northumberland County Emergency Management Agency formed what is now known as the Northumberland County Department of Public Safety.

The Northumberland County 911 center provides emergency dispatch for the following;

52 fire stations (8 of them housing a rescue), 19 fire police associations, 9 Basic Life Support Stations, 9 Quick Response Squads and 7 Advanced Life Support Units. In addition, Northumberland County Department of Public Safety provides services to the Sheriffs Department, County Coroner Office, District Judges, and 14 law enforcement agencies.

All staff are currently certified by the State of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency as 911 emergency call takers. This certifies them to dispatch police, fire, and EMS.

Northumberland County Department of Public Safety dedicates it's service to providing the best quality and professionalism to the people of Northumberland County, whether you live here, or are just passing through.


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