911 Technology

Forge Public Safety Solutions - Breaking the Mold
Forge CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch

Forge CAD is a fully customizable dispatch solution that gives us the ability to easily program the responses that are required for fast and effective operation of the 9-1-1 center. We have been using Forge CAD since January of 2011, and have been pleased with the results. The record management and reporting services are very straight forward and easy to use. Forge's customizable features allow the system to be more flexible and allows us to have the core features tailored to meet our daily operational needs. Forge also allows us to provide "customer feedback" to them directly with likes, dislikes, or possible features that may be beneficial for them to add in a new software release as they continue to develop their software to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients.  They currently put out three software releases per year.  Forge CAD will recieve the call data and wait for the dispatcher to verify the location of the incident before sneding the verifified data over to the mapping solutoin.


GeoComm - Uniting Public Safety GIS and Communications
Geo-Lynx Mapping Solution

Geo-Comm’s Geo-Lynx software is the mapping solution that is used in the 9-1-1 center.  This mapping solution works hand-in-hand with Forge CAD.  These two applications work together to locate the calls and provide the correct units that need to be dispatched to any given incident.  Geo-Comm is also built to run off of an ESRI runt-time environment.  This allows for ease of use and maintenance.  The Geo-Lynx software has a very streamlined user interface that make switching between different views, layers, and information very simple.  The call data is processed in a very efficient manner to display the location of the call as it is being answered.  It will then wait for the verified data to be sent from CAD to process and return more detailed information that CAD needs to correctly recommend units to be dispatched.



National Academies of Emergency Dispatch
Priority Dispatch Systems Protocols

The National Academies of Emergency Dispatch features their Priority Dispatch Systems Protocols.  These Dispatch protocols cover all three services (Fire, Police, and EMS) that are dispatched.  Each service has its own set of protocols that are followed when a call is received.  The electronic version of these protocols is called ProQA.  The ProQA software is also integrated into CAD.  When the call is answered and the appropriate service is selected, CAD turns the information over to the ProQA for the dispatcher to follow the Questioning Protocol.  This is a very straight forward question and answer session in that is intended to get the most pertinent information in times of distress.  When the questioning Protocol is complete, the ProQA software returns the information back into CAD so it can be logged and time stamped.


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